The Arts Society Borders
Welcome   to   Arts   Society   Borders.   Our   objective,   through   lectures   and   visits,   is   to   broaden   our knowledge and enjoyment of the decorative and visual arts. We   were   established   in   1990   and   have   a   programme   of   monthly   lectures   by   distinguished   visiting experts and special visits to places of interest often not open to members of the public.  We   welcome   new   members:   please   have   a   browse   through   the   site   to   see   what   we   have   planned   for the coming year.
The Annual Newsletter can be downloaded here, full of the events of the past year (such as the recent 50th Anniversary Celebration at Westminster Abbey and award of the Bookbinding Bursary) and immediately upcoming visits. The 2018-19 Programme has now been issued and can be downloaded here.  More detail on each lecture is now on the Lectures page